Stream selection & Career Planning, Profile building

Choosing up a right career, requires a brief analysis about yourself, it’s about knowing your values, interest, soft skills, your aptitude with a blend of your personality trait, making you select the perfect career for you. We analyze your interests and strengths through analytical psychometric assessment and provide you with the best choices that complement your personality.

Planning what you are deciding to do after class 10th turns out to be one of the prime decisions of your life. This is the first diversion where you stand confused, taking up the best decision as based on this you have to face major implications in the rest of your life.  If you are uncertain about the right stream you want to build or do not have the right guidance, selecting the right path after 10 class will surely be a difficult task for you. And, in case you made a wrong guess of the stream, you definitely will regret about it rest of your life.

Significance of Selecting the Right Stream

The stream that you select after 10th Class determines the future courses that you can enroll in later. Most of the students opt for streams that they are not interested in due to their family pressure or either what their friends are opting for and some choose due to their misconception. But here, we will make you aware of the importance of selecting the right stream. We at Edustine  realize that deciding the right stream is too tricky for you. We provide you with 6 benefits and services to help you be the best out of the bestest and it will be easy for you to select the best Stream which suits your interest and make you confident about how to achieve them.
  • Stream Selector Tests specially designed for Class 10th
  • Provides answer to the questions “What to do after 10th ?”
  • Assess aptitude & personality to determine suitable stream
  • The test is meticulously designed by a panel of psychologists
Discover your Potential, Interest and Aptitude

Dilemma of Class 10th students

Psychometric Assessment For Class 10th


76 Questions
40 Minutes

180 Questions
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