Why Edustine ?

Edustine Consultant is a reliable career counselling ecosystem that creates life-changing experiences for students & Professionals At Edustine Consultants, we believe in curating unique profiles for each student, in ways that are effective and accurate based on their skills and interests.

We help children in holistic ways, beginning with school stream selection, exposure to different career options, gaining practical experience, and finally, developing a streamlined profile to apply for undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

We use comprehensive and scientific career counselling systems which have led to groundbreaking results and success stories in admissions and career alignments.
At Edustine We plan your career journey from thousands of colleges to design and plan your career roadmap In India and overseas.

We help you just not finalizing colleges and courses, but further help you in college applications and selecting the right scholarship as well. Learn about various scholarships and entrance exams for colleges and even get real time alerts and notifications on their timelines. Blended with guidance from our career coaches you will have a comprehensive roadmap to your dream career